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Aigua rent a car
Aigua rent a car
Conditions of hire.


Payment for the rental service can be made either at the time of delivery or in advance through bank transfer or credit card. In case of cancellation up to 7 days before the rental date, a refund will be granted. We accept Visa and Mastercard. In the event of cash payment, a deposit of at least €500 is required and must be made with comprehensive insurance included. The rental rate is guaranteed for continuous rentals until the expected return date.)
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Regarding insurance, the options include:



Third-party liability and damage to animals and things, within the limits imposed by local laws and regulations.

b) Basic insurance (RCA), which leaves the customer responsible for the value of the vehicle and any damage caused to third parties. An additional service, Kasko, can be purchased to limit the amount of damage the customer is responsible for.
c) Damage insurance (CDW), which reduces the amount of damage the customer is responsible for, but does not include theft or fire.
d) Full insurance (SCDW+TP), which eliminates the customer's responsibility for any damages to the vehicle, except for upholstery, glass, wheels, and underbody, which are always the responsibility of the driver. This option includes theft and fire protection.
However, it's agreed that to have insurance coverage as outlined in paragraphs "c" and "d," the customer must not have been at fault while driving the vehicle. The customer must use the vehicle in accordance with the "prudent man" principle. AIGUA RENT A CAR is not responsible for any damages or accidents that occur. The RCA will not cover damages or penalties resulting from the customer's negligence.

The minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle from AIGUA RENT A CAR is 23 years old with a Category B driver's license that has been issued for at least 3 years and 1 day. Drivers under the age of 21 may only rent a car with special permission


Conditions of hire.

Rental conditions require that all drivers present a valid driver's license for the country of hire and meet the minimum age requirements for that country and type of vehicle. An International Driving License may be required for licenses that are not legible in the country of hire.


All prices quoted by AIGUA RENT A CAR include a 22% VAT charge, unless otherwise specified. The rental agreement does not cover fuel for the vehicle.


The customer is responsible for paying all fuel costs. If the vehicle is returned without a full tank, a refuelling fee of €50.00 will be added, along with the cost of the missing fuel. Regular maintenance, oil, and grease are included in the rate. Any expenses for road-side assistance approved by AIGUA RENT A CAR will be reimbursed upon presentation of the original invoice.

Delivery and collection.

Delivery and collection of the vehicle within the city limits is included in the price. Each day of rental is calculated as 24 hours from the time of vehicle collection, with a tolerance of 30 minutes for return. Outside of normal operating hours, collection is not allowed unless exceptional circumstances are approved in writing by Aigua rent a car management. In such cases, the total cost is €500.00 plus 22% VAT and all fuel costs. To collect the vehicle, follow these steps:

At the AIGUA RENT A CAR counter, you will be required to:
* Present your booking number, if you have made an online reservation. Alternatively, make payment at the service station.
* Confirm the details of your reservation with the agent and make any necessary changes. Unconfirmed changes may result in cancellation by the staff.
* Provide a valid driver's license and a form of identification such as an ID card or passport.
* Choose a method of payment.
* Sign the rental agreement and the national rental conditions along with the AIGUA RENT A CAR staff.
* Inspect the vehicle conditions before accepting it.
* Obtain supporting documentation from AIGUA RENT A CAR for any events or services required during the rental (such as road maps, directions, traffic information, etc.).

Extension of rental.

If the client wishes to extend the rental period beyond the original agreed terms, they must inform the rental station immediately to extend the insurance coverage.

Loss of Documents and Key Damage:

If the vehicle's documents are lost, a penalty fee of €500.00 will apply.
The loss, damage or theft of keys will result in a penalty fee of €550.00,

and the loss of the car's license plate will result in a penalty fee of €550.00.

Special Services: Child seats and navigation systems are available at an additional cost. A child seat costs €5.00 per day, while a navigation system costs €20.00 for the entire rental period.

Penalties: A penalty fee of €500.00 will be imposed for the loss of vehicle documents, and a penalty fee of €550.00 will be imposed for any loss, damage, or theft of keys.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Medications: Any liabilities associated with the use of alcohol, drugs, or pharmaceutical products that are not specified by the highway code will be punished by law, and all expenses, including legal fees, for moral, civil, and criminal damage and any form of responsibility, will be charged to the client. AIGUA RENT A CAR WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE.

Acceptance of Regulations: This regulation is fully accepted at the time of the contract signing and ignorance of the law is not an excuse.


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