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Aigua rent a car
Conditions of hire.


Payment of the hire service is made upon delivery of the vehicle, unless booked on-line by means of bank transfer of 100% of the total amount due, through credit card at arrive. In case of cancellation up to 7 days before your arrival, a refund will be made.
We accept: (Visa, MasterCard )
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In the event of cash payment:

In case of payment at the office: If the car is available and present, you must leave a cash deposit of at least 250 euros, rechargeable cards are not accepted, prepaid cards are not excluded for payment, but you must leave a cash deposit that will be returned upon return.

You will have to pay a deposit of min. € 250 when paying cash with comprehensive insurance included.
The rate applied is guaranteed for rentals continuous until the date of expected return in this lease agreement.

Roofing and Insurance:


Third party liability and for damage to animals and things for the limits imposed by laws and regulations in the country where the car is registered;

b) RCA:(basic insurance) The Customer is responsible for the value of the vehicle and / or the damage it caused to third parties. The Customer may not limit the amount of damage it is responsible for up to a maximum value in fixed rate can be limited buying, if in force at the time of rental, service Kasko, for cases of accidents with other vehicles identified remaining charged to the Customer the exemption in force at the inception of lease;
c) damaged insurance: (CDW) Buy the service, if in force at the time of rental in
case of traffic accident occurred with the vehicle / REDUCE the amount of damage the respective paying only the corresponding exemption in force, does not include theft, fire.
d) Full insurance:(SCDW+TP) Buy the service, if in force at the time of rental, the customer returning the damaged vehicle, he will answer only to relief force unless options: are not counted in relief for the damage to upholstery, glass and wheels-wheels and underbody for so are always charged to the driver with their full allowance stessa.La Kasko includes theft, fire.
It remains, however, agreed that to enjoy insurance coverage provided for in those paragraphs "c) d) the claim shall be without charge to the customer can be an actual negligence in driving, the vehicle will be used solely in accordance with principle II of the" prudent man family "Customer may make use of these optional insurance AIGUA RENT A CAR. undertakes any kind of responsibility. Is clear that: l 'RCA off the road if the customer assumes any responsibility for damage to both the vehicle to things or animals or people and restoration of the road itself plus all charges payable to any civil administrative penalty.

Minimum age of accessibility to the rental car. 23 years with license cat. B a valid and issued at least 3 year + 1 day. You can not rent a car to the customer under 21 years unless specific exceptions.


Conditions of hire.

All drivers must show a valid driver’s license for the country of hire, which he has held for a minimum period of time as set out by the law or local conditions; driver's licenses that are illegible in the country of hire must be accompanied by an International Driving License. The driver must also be of a suitable age as required in that country for the type of vehicle hired. Please see the ‘National hire conditions’ section.


Unless otherwise specified, all prices are quoted inclusive of 22% VAT.


The client shall pay for all fuel costs. If the vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel, and delivered without such, together with the amount of litres missing from the tank, a refuelling charge of € 18.00 will also be applied. Ordinary maintenance, oil and grease are included in the tariff. Any expenses for roadside assistance approved by AIGUA RENT A CAR in advance, will be repaid upon presentation of the original invoice.

Delivery and collection.

Within the limits of the town, the delivery and collection of the vehicle is included in the price.
The duration of a day’s hire is equal to 24 hours, calculated as from vehicle collection. 30 minutes tolerance is permitted for vehicle return, after which an extra day’s hire will be charged. No collection outside normal station work hours is permitted, except for exceptional circumstances permitted in writing by the Aigua rent a car management. In these cases, the total cost is, in any case, € 150.00 plus 22% VAT plus the total fuel costs. In order to collect the vehicle, please proceed as follows:

At the AIGUA RENT A CAR counter, you will need to:
* Provide the Aigua Rent A Car agent with your booking number, if you have booked on-line, or pay at the service station.
* Check the details of the booking with the Agent, and make any necessary changes.which otherwise could be directly canceled by the staff.
* Show your driver’s license and identity card or passport.
* Provide the chosen method of payment.
* Sign the hire contract and the national conditions of hire, together with the Aigua rent a car staff.
* Check vehicle conditions prior to acceptance.
* Aigua rent a car provides support documentation for any events or services required for the hire (road maps, route indications, traffic information, etc.).

Extension of hire.

Should the Client wish to extend the hire beyond the originally set terms, he must inform the hire station immediately, in order to extend the insurance coverage.

Loss of documents and breakage of keys.

The loss of the documents of the car will result in a penalty of € 500.00.
The loss, breakage or theft of keys will result in a penalty of € 550,00.

the loss of car plate will result in a penalty of € 550,00

Special services: child seats, and navigation system.
The cost to the child seat is € 5.00 euros for a day rental, while the navigator and the cost amounted to € 20.00 euro for the total rental.

A penalty charge of € 500.00 will apply for any loss of vehicle documents.
A penalty charge of € 550.00 will apply for any loss, damage or theft of keys.

All liability connected with the use of alcohol and drugs or pharmaceutical products not specified under the highway code will be punished by the law and all expenses, including legal charges, concerning moral, civil and criminal damage plus any form of responsibility, will be debited.

This regulation means fully accepted at the time of the contract, the law does not admit ignorance.


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